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More than Missionaries

The Gideons International is an interdenominational association of Christian business and professional men who are members of Protestant/evangelical churches. Our members are dedicated to saving the lost through personal witnessing and the distribution of God's Word in 200 nations around the world.

The majority of Gideons live and serve in their local communities, making us very effective and efficient because . . .

  • They know the local language and customs.
  • They know where the hotels, schools, prisons, hospitals and other locations where Bibles and New Testaments need to be distributed are located.
  • Sometimes, we're able to establish local groups of Gideons in countries where traditional missionaries aren't allowed to go.

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Testimony: The Last New Testament Of The Blitz

It was 3:30 p.m. on the last day of the 2011 Netherlands Scripture Blitz. The Gideons had already packed up and were leaving the last college distribution. Then a young man rode by on his bicycle. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, one of the Gideons yelled out to the young man, “Hold it, I have a gift for you.” As the young man turned around, the Gideon placed a New Testament in his hand. “What? A Bible? I don’t need that. I believe in myself,” the young man said as he handed the New Testament back to the Gideon. “How do you know which way to turn in the future, when so many say, ‘go left,’ yet others say ‘go right’?” responded the Gideon. The young man paused. “Please give me this book again,” he said. The Gideon again placed the New Testament in the young man’s hand, who rode off carrying his New Testament and expressing his thanks.


The region labeled Europe West and Middle East includes the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, Syria and United Arab Emirates.

Located within this region are 395 local associations (or camps), 4,483 Gideons, and 2,157 Auxiliaries (wives of Gideons). A total of 40,260,701 Scriptures have been distributed in Europe West and Middle East. The 2014 annual Scripture distribution goal is 1,351,700.

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The Global Mission

The mission of The Gideons International is to win the lost for Christ, and our unique method is the distribution of Bibles and New Testaments in selected streams of life. Gideons have placed or distributed more than 2 billion complete Bibles and New Testaments in 200 countries, territories and possessions around the world . . . so far. Having God's Word can lead people to faith in Christ, and we invite you to explore this website to learn more about the Gideons and how you can help us provide God's Word.

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