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God's Word Changes Lives

Nowhere is the impact of sharing God's Word more clearly illustrated than in the testimonies of changed lives that we receive almost daily. We hope you are inspired by these testimonies of lives changed through Gideon-placed Bibles and New Testaments.

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Martha Hawkins
As a single mom, raising four kids, Martha was overwhelmed by life. So she decided to end it. But through a Gideon-placed Bible, she would discover a whole new life God had waiting for her.
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Beth Kroa
A Gideon gave Beth a New Testament that not only led to her salvation, but got her through a tragedy none of us want to face.
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Christopher Yuan
When federal drug enforcement agents showed up at Christopher’s front door, it looked as if all hope was lost. Or was it?
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Leroy Cannady
Nothing could fill the void in Leroy’s life of drugs and alcohol. Then one day he was in a park contemplating suicide when a Gideon approached.
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Michael Williams
When Michael entered the U.S. Navy, his concept of God was what he describes as “ fuzzy.” See how it got clearer.
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Joplin Emberson
Joplin began contemplating suicide. However, one thought haunted him…”What if hell really exists?” He then picked up the New Testament he had received years earlier from a Gideon. He began to read.
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Larry Sweat
Though Larry was an atheist, he did accept the New Testament that two Gideons gave him just before he boarded a plane to serve in Vietnam. Hour later, he was clutching that New Testament praying it would help him.
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Masashi Sugita
One night, with his heart racing out of control from drugs, Masashi realized he had nowhere to turn for help. For the first time in his life, he prayed. “If there’s a God, please help me. I’m dying! I’m at the end of my rope.”
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Tempe Brown
As a divorced mother with three small children, Tempe Brown struggled to make ends meet. When she started touring as a jazz singer, Tempe began to read the Bibles that Gideons had placed in the motels where she stayed.
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Rabi Maharaj
Rabi was born into the highest caste of the Hindu religion. Still he says, ”…I was aware of the fact that something was missing in my life.” The missing part was a New Testament placed by the Gideons.
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Mary K. Beard
Mary was a bank robber on the FBIs Most Wanted list. Authorities caught up with her and facing a long life behind bars, she discovered a Gideon-placed Bible in a Birmingham jail.
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