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How Many Lives Will You Change Today?

Will you help us print and ship the Bibles and New Testaments people need?

A gift of any amount can change lives, but here's a list of what it takes to supply Scriptures for some typical distributions in countries across the globe where it's impossible for the people to afford, or obtain, copies of God's Word:

  • Small School: $417
  • Military Distribution: $695—$834
  • Junior High or High School: $834—$1,390
  • 800—Bed Hospital: $1,112
  • Small College: $11,120—$13,900

For distributions in the United States, here are some typical costs:

  • 25—Room Motel: $125
  • 150—Bed Convalescent Home (large-print Scriptures): $292.50
  • Average Middle School: $1,740
  • 400—Room Hotel: $2,000

Note: All estimates are listed in U.S. dollars. Cash contributions to The Gideons International are generally deductible for income tax purposes.

In the United States, all funds raised through Gideon church presentations and through the GideonCard Program—as well as all other donations specifically designated for Bibles and New Testaments—are used to purchase and place the Word of God.

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Donating Is Easy

There are several easy ways to support The Gideons International:

  • Donate now using our online credit card form. Donate online
  • Sign up for an automatic withdrawal from your checking account or savings account. Download form
  • Mail a check or credit card donation. Download form
  • Charitable gifts of property, life insurance, stocks and bonds may also be made.

If you prefer to write or phone The Gideons International, please use the following information:

The Gideons International
Post Office Box 140800
Nashville, TN 37214—0800
Telephone: (615) 564-5000
Fax: (615) 564-6000