A Heart In Need Of The Ultimate Repair

Recently, an Auxiliary widow shared with us about a divine appointment she encountered. We’d like to share her story with you.

“Dangerous.” That’s how Mrs. Bobby described her prayer. She had prayed that the Lord would bring someone to her house to whom she could witness. She said it was dangerous because soon after that, things in her house began to break, requiring different repairmen.

One repairman who was dispatched to Mrs. Bobby’s house was Jeffrey. From the moment he set foot inside her door, Jeffrey was grumpy and rude.

Mrs. Bobby quickly recognized this as a divine appointment. “I see you’re not having a good day,” she said. “May I give you something?” she asked while extending a copy of the New Testament to Jeffrey.

Her offer didn’t help his attitude. “Ma’am, please don’t bother me,” Jeffrey told her. “I don’t want to be here. I normally work on commercial jobs. I don’t even know how I ended up at your house. I just want to fix this and leave.”

However, Mrs. Bobby persisted. She opened the New Testament and began reading aloud. He tried to ignore her and continued working. As Jeffrey kept working, Mrs. Bobby kept reading.

When he finished the repair, Jeffrey headed toward the door. Mrs. Bobby again tried to offer him the Scripture saying, “I want you to have this, you need it.”

Annoyed by Mrs. Bobby’s witness, Jeffrey curtly said, “I don’t want it, and I don’t need it!” The next sound was his truck door slamming shut. Jeffrey was gone.

This witnessing opportunity did not go as Mrs. Bobby had hoped. She wondered, “Am I disappointing the Lord?” So she did the one thing she knew to do at this point. She prayed for Jeffrey’s heart to become open to the Gospel.

A few days later, on Sunday morning, Mrs. Bobby’s phone rang. This time, it was a repairman calling her for help. It was Jeffrey.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me, ma’am,” he said. “Ever since I left your house, every church I see is drawing me to go inside. What’s happening to me?”

“God is trying to get your attention,” she told him.

“What do I need to do?” he asked.

Mrs. Bobby’s reply was simple… “You need to give your heart to Jesus.”

“How do I do that?” asked Jeffrey.

“We can pray together. You can start brand new today,” she told him.

And in that moment, Mrs. Bobby led Jeffrey in a prayer over the telephone as he invited Jesus into his heart. He told her where he was calling from, and Mrs. Bobby was even able to recommend a nearby Bible-believing church. She directed him to go there and tell the pastor of his decision to follow Christ.

What began as a widow’s “dangerous prayer” led to the greatest repair job of all – God’s repair of a soul in desperate need of Jesus.

Madison, TN

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