A stable income with eternal benefits

The surge of COVID-19 has left many people longing for security and desiring to make the most of each day they are given. For people like John and Loy, using a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) through The Gideons reaps spiritual returns far more significant than any earthly investments—while providing a continuing income for life.  

A CGa through the gideons


A Charitable Gift Annuity is a way to support the mission of The Gideons International and ensure personal financial security. Here is how it works—a person can transfer cash or property to The Gideons International, while The Gideons promise to pay fixed payments to the individual for life. The payment can be quite high depending on your age, and a portion of each payment may even be tax-free. A person will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the gift portion of the annuity and also receive the satisfaction of helping The Gideons further the mission of seeing the lost come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. 

A CGA through The Gideons International fulfills the desire for financial security and the desire to advance the Kingdom of God. Such benefits allow people to be faithful stewards of God’s provision both now and after they step into eternity. 

A stable income

John, from Missouri, loves the idea of a CGA through The Gideons because of his affinity for our mission. He was first exposed to the work of The Gideons while traveling with his family as a child. They stayed in various hotel rooms across the country, where he enjoyed the comforts of a warm bed, hot shower, and room service. Typically, there was also a copy of God’s Word placed by The Gideons inside the nightstand drawer. John and his family spent time reading and learning from the Bible throughout their stays. 

Fast forward to 1993, when John and his wife, Sharon, decided to fund a CGA. John remembered the impact the hotel Bibles had on his life and chose to partner with The Gideons. With John 3:16 on the tip of his heart and hands, he wanted to be a part of seeing people around the world saved through God’s Word. “Through a CGA with The Gideons, I can help spread the Gospel,” says John. He continues, “This CGA is through a Christian organization and this income will continue as long as we live.”

“Through a CGA with The Gideons, I can help spread the Gospel.” —John

A Win-Win Situation


Loy, from Arkansas, shares the same passion for God’s Word as John. As a life-long farmer, he knows all about the importance of sowing into what matters the most. He felt called to be a Gideon over 30 years ago. Discontented with the number of people he saw coming to faith in Christ, he became a Gideon to use the time God has given him to reach more people with the Gospel. He sees his work as a Gideon as life-giving instead of self-serving. “Most people want something in life; Gideons are givers—givers of time and money,” says Loy. “We need to do what we can for the Lord’s work.” He was also driven by his life verse found in James 4:17 (ESV), which reads, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

The idea of a CGA was intriguing to Loy and his wife, Yvonne. Loy explains, “Farmers don’t have retirements like people that work for companies; we have to take care of ourselves. A CGA gives us retirement money. From a business standpoint, it makes good sense with great tax advantages.”

He knows The Gideons will make good use of the funds. For him, this venture is a fulfillment of a calling placed on his heart long ago. “I’m hoping to point even more people to Christ after I pass away,” says Loy. “That’s why I chose CGAs with The Gideons. It’s a win-win situation—we get retirement income and get to reach people for Jesus. The more you give, the more you receive.” 

“That’s why I chose CGAs with The Gideons. It’s a win-win situation—we get retirement income and get to reach people for Jesus. The more you give, the more you receive.” —Loy

Called to make a difference


Maybe you are like John and Loy and long for financial stability through an eternal lens. The Gideons is called to provide hope that will make a lasting difference. For more information on Charitable Gift Annuities available through The Gideons International, click HERE. Learn how you can best steward the finances God has given you to get the greatest return of more people coming to faith in Him.

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