All I Have, I Will Give You

Lazaro, a Gideon in Managua, Nicaragua, was walking toward his home one evening following a planning meeting for an upcoming International Scripture Blitz. As he took a shortcut through a nearby park, three young men approached him with homemade weapons and demanded that he give them everything he had.

Lazaro responded, “All I have, I will give you in Jesus’ name.” As he emptied his backpack, he handed the young men the New Testaments he carried with him. They were very upset because he wasn’t carrying anything that was valuable to them, and he wasn’t sure what they were going to do to him. Then one of them asked him if he was a Christian.

Lazaro responded that he was, confirming that he had been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. He told them, “You know, I never walk through this park, but God sent me this way tonight to share the good news with you that Jesus died for you on the cross.”

The men began to weep, and then they apologized to Lazaro and asked for his forgiveness. This humble Gideon from Managua shared the plan of salvation with the three gang members, and they all surrendered their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The next morning, Francisco, Jose, and Luis were drug-free and waiting for Lazaro—this time to go to church and to be introduced to the pastor as new creatures in Christ. May all glory be to God forever!

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