How To Make An Eternal Difference While Freeing Up Space In Your House

If you’re looking to discover new ways to reach others for Christ, here’s a thought: what if you could donate non-cash items ranging from mobile phones and retail gift cards to jewelry and automobiles, so copies of God’s Word could be placed in waiting hands throughout the world?

There’s good news. You can.

Visit this link and you’ll have the opportunity to select from the many ways you can donate items to help provide Scriptures through The Gideons International. We make the donation process very easy by sending you a postage-paid label for mailing the item. If the item is too large to mail, you will be contacted by a representative to arrange for the pick up of the item at your convenience.

In addition to receiving the Lord’s blessings for your gift, you’ll also receive a confirmation of your donation as your gift may offer tax benefits.

Every gift you give to The Gideons International, no matter the size, makes a difference. For an investment of about a dollar and a quarter, you can provide for the purchase and placement of a Scripture somewhere in the world.

To find out more about providing Scriptures through The Gideons International by donating non-cash assets, click here now.

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