Desperate Louis

Louis was desperate as he walked toward the Dallas Department of Motor Vehicles to try to reclaim his driver’s license. It was easy for me to approach him, because he was absolutely the only person on either side of the street. When I asked him if he was from Dallas, he said no, he was from North Carolina. He had come to Dallas for truck driving school. However, when they ran his license (as part of entering the school), it was discovered that he had a nine-year-old driving ticket from Colorado, so they had kept his driver’s license.

Lewis said he was tired, putout, and discouraged, and that his whole life was coming apart. When I asked him what “coming apart” meant, he confided that he spent a great part of last week contemplating suicide. Then he just started spilling his guts to me.

He said, “I know this sounds crazy, but I have no one to talk to. Could I talk to you?” I knew then that this was a divine appointment. Louis confessed to me that he had dealt drugs for years in Colombia, but had made the decision to try to make a new start in life. However, his wife wanted no part of starting over and left him. He had two daughters in California. His oldest one had found out about his drug dealing and his lifestyle and had disowned him in the last couple of days. He said he was still contemplating suicide.

With that, I handed him a Spanish New Testament. I explained the helps in the front, and we looked at a few. I explained to him that God could take care of all his needs. There was no promise that it would be easy, but God did promise that He would not put more on him than he could handle.

Louis was in no hurry. I was able to share with him for an hour, and Louis came to the realization that he needed Jesus and asked me if I could show him how to be saved. He then asked Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior, understanding that Lord means “boss.” He said it was no coincidence that I just came along and started talking to him. To God be the glory!

–Bob (Arkansas)

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