Diligent and Rewarding Work in Guatemala

God is still calling His children to diligent and rewarding Kingdom work. While this past year has been filled with challenges to many of our Association’s ministry opportunities, our calling and mission remain the same. People still need Jesus and His Gospel.


Gideons and Auxiliary in Guatemala have seen God open doors that allowed them to have several in-country blitzes (ministry efforts where Gideons and Auxiliary distribute Scriptures in approved areas and share their faith as God leads) across ten cities this past February. Ministering and sharing the Gospel in cities including Guatemala City, San Marcos, Totonicapán, and Antigua, were fueled by a hunger to see God save souls despite any roadblocks that may have been in the way. These members found God opening doors to reach school teachers, hospital workers, first responders, military personnel, and inmates. The following are some of the unique ways ministry occurred:


Reaching Teachers with the Gospel: During these blitzes, schools were not meeting in person due to COVID-19. Yet, learning was still taking place through teachers’ concentrated efforts to get information and lessons to their students. They arranged for parents to come by the school to get baskets for their children with food, supplies, and educational resources. In place of normal Scripture distributions at the school, Gideons and Auxiliary took the opportunity to witness to the teachers using Personal Workers Testaments. Teachers were encouraged with the hope of God’s Word even while they were encouraging parents and students.


Ministering to the Army: Gideons were able to give all of the soldiers in one county a Testament. Gideons would go to the capital and connect with the chief commander to begin this process. A great, long-standing relationship with these officers helped in providing opportunities to minister. Some of these officers are Christians and even called local Gideons on occasion to ask for Spanish Testaments as the need arose. But most importantly, it was gifting these soldiers with the message that could change their life that mattered the most.


Meeting Spiritual Needs: Outside of ministry engagements with educators and the military, local members found great success in sharing the Gospel and a copy of God’s Word at over 40 hospitals and more than 20 prisons. They also had a significant reach to first responders at over 70 locations. Many of the men and women in these places had significant needs or found themselves in challenging circumstances. Amid this reality, Gideons were able to share God’s love with them. 


Delight and hunger


During a distribution in the Ceiba Blanca village of San Martín Zapotitlán, Retalhuleu, Gideons were also looking for personal witnessing opportunities. Mario approached the Gideons and let them know he was desperate because he could no longer find a way out of his life. He had many problems with his wife and also had an alcohol addiction.


He felt there was no solution.


But the Gideons knew there was a solution, and His name was Jesus. The Gideons shared the love of Christ with Mario, which led to him receiving Jesus as his Lord and Savior.


Twenty days after this encounter, the Gideons who had ministered to Mario learned he suffered a heart attack and passed away. Though sad, these Gideons found joy in knowing Mario was now in the presence of His Savior.


Exhausted yet pursuing


The Gideons and Auxiliary were blessed to be a part of what God was doing as hearts and lives were turned to Him during these blitzes. They felt the reality of the spiritual battle at hand, yet God was gloried through their prayers, strategic preparation, and efforts. Members also found great comfort knowing their families were praying for them.


And Gideon came to the Jordan and crossed over, he and the 300 men who were with him, exhausted yet pursuing.  —Judges 8:4 ESV

Much like Gideon and his men in the eighth chapter of Judges, these Gideons and Auxiliary were a part of tireless efforts but kept doing what God called them to do. This diligent yet rewarding work is what God desires of all His children as we win others to faith in Jesus Christ.

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