Open Doors In Sweden

Lately, there has been an increasing number of testimonies from people in Sweden who have become Christians after receiving copies of Gods Word distributed by members of The Gideons International. One of those testimonies is that of Kristina Gustafsson.

“It was crucial for me to have an opportunity to start reading the Word of God,” says Kristina. She received her first New Testament years ago from Gideons who were conducting Scripture distributions at her school. “The New Testament was definitely a door-opener to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” says Kristina. That New Testament led her into a saving relationship with the Lord.

Gideons report seeing a growing interest in spiritual matters, among the people of Sweden. While that curiosity has yet to result in giant increases in church attendance, Sweden’s Gideons are encouraged that they rarely experience opposition when distributing New Testaments.

In many cities around Sweden, Gideons are still welcome to distribute New Testaments in school classrooms. The opportunity to meet students and explain the importance of reading the Word of God is something for which Gideons are very grateful. Open doors for Scripture distribution is an item of continual prayer.

Sweden’s churches and denominations are presently undergoing some organizational changes. More and more churches are joining together, even across denominational lines. Some denominations as a whole have merged together on a national level.

The salvation testimonies that continue to be received from Sweden, prove the power of God’s Word in the hearts of people. Gideons recently held a Scripture blitz in Stockholm in which more than 6,000 Scriptures were distributed. Another blitz took place in Sweden’s Härjedalen province.

Personal distribution and witnessing are a high priority among Sweden’s Gideons and Auxiliary, with the goal of each member personally witnessing and giving a New Testament to at least one person per week.

Please pray for continued open doors in Sweden and that churches there would experience a revival as a result of more people coming to know the Lord. More than 5.4 million Scriptures have been placed and distributed in Sweden since the first Gideon camp opened there in 1950. Today, the country has 107 camps and over 2,900 Gideons and Auxiliary.

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