A Young Student Expresses His Gratitude

In April, Gideons conducted an International Scripture Blitz ((ISB) in Chile. Here is just one of the many testimonies already received from that blitz.

I don’t really remember meeting Luis in class. We were speaking to many students that day, one class at a time. We finished the last eighth grade class just as the bell rang to dismiss the kids for break. As we made our way to the headmaster’s office, Luis came to introduce himself to me.

The young student’s face was positively beaming. He could not speak English, I could not speak Spanish and my interpreter had already made his way into the headmaster’s office. Still we managed to communicate. He took out his New Testament and showed me where he signed his name in the back – indicating he too had made the most important and life-changing decision any person can ever make.

Over the next ten minutes we were together he kept smiling and shaking my hand – over and over again. As I was leaving he hugged me and spoke two simple words in English: “Me friend.”

-Ara Sobek

Nashville, TN

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