Generations Of A Family Touched By A Gideon-Placed Scripture Visit Gideon Headquarters

In June, a pastor from the Philippines and his family visited the headquarters of The Gideons International. That visit by Pio Tica and his wife, along with his son’s family, was a powerful reminder of the impact that just one copy of God’s Word can make.

It was Pio’s father, Eriberto Tica, who received a copy of God’s Word from The Gideons International many years ago in the Philippines. That Scripture led to Eriberto receiving Jesus as his Lord and Savior. It ultimately produced a multi-generational legacy of pastoring, preaching, and church planting by the Tica family.

Pio said he wished his father, Eriberto, could be here today to see the fruit planted for God’s Kingdom through that single Gideon Scripture. Pio, and the other four sons of Eriberto all became pastors. And all fifteen of the grandsons have become pastors, as well as two nephews. To date, more than 600 churches have been planted by members of the Tica family.

Pio thanked the Gideon ministry for sharing God’s Word in the Philippines, saying, “The Gideons International has been a true blessing to God’s work around the world.”

Watch the video as Pio’s son, Reuel, shares the amazing testimony about the impact of that single Scripture his grandfather received years ago.

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