A God-Sized Goal For Greensboro

While planning for this February’s Metro Scripture Blitz in Greensboro, North Carolina, team leaders set an original goal of 30,000 Scriptures. However, as the blitz drew closer, Gideons felt the Holy Spirit’s urge toward an even greater number. With much prayer and planning, the blitz leaders decided on a greater goal of 65,000.

Open Doors at High Point University

The members took to heart the promise of Isaiah 55:11, trusting God to accomplish His purposes during the distribution of His Word. One of the distributions took place at High Point University, the first there in several years.

Jeff Collis, a Gideon from King, NC says the students were exceptionally receptive to the Gospel, “One student was thrilled to receive his first copy of God’s Word. He made a promise to read it each day.”

Another young lady hesitantly asked the Gideons to pray for her and was amazed that they would stop everything and pray with her right there on the sidewalk.

Sharing Christ Beside The Cleaning Cart

During a hotel placement, a group of Gideons stepped off the elevator to find a housekeeper standing beside her cleaning cart. One of the Gideons felt compelled to minister to the woman. “When I saw her eyes, I knew God was nudging me–she looked distressed,” said R. L. Taylor. He asked her if she would accept a free gift and offered a Personal Workers Testament.

She gladly accepted it and listened sincerely as Taylor walked her through the plan of salvation. Moments later, beside her cart filled with cleaning supplies, the young woman prayed to receive Jesus. Her eyes were brighter, and she was still smiling when Taylor saw her after the distribution.

Pushing the Goal

By the end of the week, Gideons had placed a total of 56,625 Scriptures in Greensboro. While the number was short of their revised goal, it was still nearly twice the original one.

North Carolina State Association President Danny Clark attributes the team’s success to God who always honors those who follow His calling. “We had a tremendous response of 370 Gideons and Auxiliary, all eager from day one to distribute Scriptures,” says Clark. “The willingness of our members proves Christians are just as hungry to give out the Word of God as people are to receive the Gospel.”

We thank the Gideons and Auxiliary who participated in the Greensboro Metro Scripture Blitz. We also thank the pastors, donors and others who’ve supported The Gideons International. Your prayers and financial gifts are making a difference. Most of all, we give God all the glory for the lives that will be changed as people read the Scriptures placed there and come to discover the hope found only in Jesus.

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