God Opens Doors In Another Country—Montserrat

Often we pray for open doors so The Gideons International can organize the ministry in other countries.

Four years ago, Reverend George Agger, sent an email to the headquarters of The Gideons International asking for Bibles for a prison in Montserrat where he serves as chaplain. At that time, The Gideons had not organized in Montserrat. Adolfo Kiaty, who as Regional Director, Latin America North and Caribbean, had to inform the reverend that his request for Scriptures could not be filled since there were no Gideons in Montserrat to carry out the distribution.

A Gideon Visits Pastors In Montserrat

Kiaty continued seeking the Lord’s guidance for entering the country and felt led to establish more contacts there, hoping someday he might have enough support from the pastors to successfully open the ministry. This February, Kiaty traveled to Montserrat and held a meeting with six of the country’s pastors.

“I explained that the single objective of The Gideons is to win men, women, boys and girls to the Lord Jesus Christ,” says Kiaty. “I then asked the pastors to recommend members of their churches who qualify to join the ministry. And, thank the Lord, they did.”

The next day, men who were recommended by their pastors attended a meeting with Kiaty. Seven of the men immediately expressed their desire to join The Gideons and submitted membership applications.

Montserrat has a population of about 6,000 people. Also, about eight thousand tourists visit the tiny Caribbean island each year. It is estimated that the annual distribution potential there is 2,000 Scriptures.

“We praise God for the opening of our 197th country,” says Executive Director, Craig Warner. “Please pray for these Gideons in Montserrat. Pray for open doors and open hearts as they go to reach the lost, sharing the hope of the Gospel.”

On behalf of Gideons throughout the world, we would also like to thank pastors, donors, and other supporters who faithfully pray for open doors and help provide Scriptures through their giving. As we can see from the opening of Montserrat and the other 196 countries where our ministry is officially organized, God blesses those prayers and gifts.

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