Gideons Bring Living Water To Uganda

Last week, Gideons and Auxiliary hosted the 2016 Uganda International Scripture Blitz in the cities of Hoima and Masindi.

Thousands of students now have their own copy of God’s Word they can take home to their families. There are so many testimonies from people placing their faith in Christ after having a Scripture placed in their hand. However, it’s the small encounters that provide big results.

One person Gideons met last week was Flora. She runs a small cafe in a rural area outside of Hoima. Several Gideons stopped there for bottled water after driving on the dusty roads to the next Scripture distribution. They began talking to Flora about what they were doing.

They presented her with a New Testament and showed her the “helps” section and the plan of salvation in it. The conversation came to the point they asked Flora if she would like to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. “Yes, I would,” she replied.

One of the Gideons led Flora in a prayer to ask Jesus into her heart. They rejoiced that they only needed bottled water, but the Lord arranged it so they could offer Flora living water, that she may never thirst again. Thank God for dry, dusty roads.

We also thank God for the many more testimonies we will share with you from this recent Scripture blitz. Keep watching for more news and testimonies from the Uganda International Scripture Blitz.

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