The 2015 Mexico International Scripture Blitz

God Prepares Hearts to Receive His Word

There were many opportunities for Gideons and their wives to talk one-on-one with people they encountered throughout the city. In fact, at least 28 people were known to pray to receive Christ as Savior during the week. Victor Rivera, a Gideon from Florida, describes the joint effort with a local Gideon, Pepe, “When God opened a door to witness, Pepe would share while I prayed over each divine appointment.” The pair used this approach each and every appointed time, and the Holy Spirit touched many hearts. By the end of the week, Rosaria, Diego, Juan Carlos, Emelia, Alejandro, Cesar, Perla, and Tere accepted the gift of salvation and signed the back of their New Testaments. Jose accepted Christ as Lord of his life during the 2015 Mexico International Scripture Blitz.

One day, Gideons drove out to a house where Scriptures were  stored for the blitz. As the team arrived, Gideons noticed a “For Sale” sign posted in the front yard and a man standing nearby. The team loaded boxes of New Testaments from the house into their car, and all the while, the man watched from afar. A Gideon walked over to offer the man a New Testament. Jorge gladly received it. The two talked more and Jorge read about God’s free gift of salvation in the back. He confessed his sins and prayed to receive Christ. Jorge came to buy an earthly house that day, but he left with a home in heaven and the greatest gift of all—eternal life in Christ.

“I will never forget the sea of hands reaching for New Testaments and seeing first-hand someone sign the back page after praying for Jesus to come into his heart,” said Ron Kelly from Georgia. We rejoice and thank God for those precious souls who prayed to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and we praise Him for the 110,969 Scriptures He allowed us to distribute. We pray God will continue to reveal His Word to the people of Mexico and many more will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior through these Scriptures. It is a privilege to carry out these Scripture distributions during a time when so many people need the Lord.

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