A Police Inspector Agrees To A Line Of Questioning

Honduras’ magnificent mountains, lush rain forests and emerald blue coastal waters are natural draws for tourists each year. However, the country can be a dangerous place to serve as a police officer.

Recognizing the risks that Honduras’ police regularly assume in protecting their communities, Gideons recently visited the Police Headquarters in Comayagua to offer copies of God’s Word. After presenting Scriptures to over 50 men and women there, the team of Gideons visited the barracks outside the headquarters. They were warmly greeted by the inspector in charge.

He expressed his delight to see the team carrying Scriptures. “I’ve been going through a very difficult time,” he told them, saying he had been seeking God for answers.

During the previous three months, seven of the police officers under the inspector’s command had been killed as they attempted to thwart drug trafficking.  The inspector was broken-hearted for the officers’ families.

He began to talk candidly about the tragic events.  Responding to the inspector’s openness, the Gideons moved the conversation deeper into spiritual matters, asking where he expected to spend eternity. His answers revealed he didn’t personally know Christ. Then they asked him, “If your beliefs are wrong, would you want to know?”

“Yes,” he told them.

The Gideons opened a New Testament and asked the inspector to read John 3:16 aloud. They continued with the rest of the verses from the plan of salvation inside the back cover.  After the inspector read aloud from each verse, the Gideons asked, “What does this say to you?” When they reached the end of the salvation verses, the Gideons asked him, “Are you ready to surrender your life to Christ and invite Him to be your Lord and Savior?”

“Yes, I want to know Jesus,” he said. And, with tears running down his face, the inspector became a new child in Christ as the Gideons led him in a prayer of salvation.

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