Questions and Eternal Answers

Following a distribution in a village school near Salamaua, a teacher hurried towards a Gideon, saying, “This is a miracle, this is a miracle, you won’t believe this!” Ms. Ilagi told how she had been trying to read from her Testament, which was falling apart and missing sections. She had prayed, “Lord, how am I going to get a new Bible?” She said, “This is a miracle—God answered my prayer within four hours.” 

People like Ms. Ilagi represent many in Papua New Guinea seeking lasting hope. This island country in the Pacific Ocean is home to nearly 10 million people, with most identifying as Christians. The Gideons International was organized in Papua New Guinea in 1980. Today, there are 40 camps representing over 500 Gideons and more than 300 Auxiliary. God has worked through faithful members to place and distribute over two million Scriptures to date. 

Are You for Sure?


In October 2022, six Gideons from Australia and one from Japan joined members from five local camps in Lae, the second largest city in Papua New Guinea. Lae includes the largest cargo port in the country and is home to the University of Technology. The team’s mission was simple—to impact people with the hope of God’s Word during the one-week blitz.

“Do you know for sure you have eternal life?” 

The local camps used the preparation for this blitz as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with pastors and revitalize camp life in their area. Team Leader David (Australia) said, “Organization and commitment from the Lae Gideons was first class. With so many in the camp having belonged for less than two years, some only weeks, their excitement was evident as placements got underway.”

 Lynette after signing the back of her Testament indicating her decision to follow Jesus Christ.

After checking on a hotel called Pine Lodge in Wau, a Gideon named Stuart met one of the hotel employees named Lynette. He offered her a Testament, which she gratefully accepted. After telling Lynette about the front pages, they came across John 3:16. Stuart asked her to read the verse and then asked if she believed what she had read. After confirming she did, he took the question a bit further. He asked, “Do you know for sure you have eternal life?” When she wasn’t sure, he turned to John 11:25, explaining to her what Jesus meant by “whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.”

Stuart continued to walk Lynette through the pages of the Testament as the other Gideons waited and prayed in the car. Stuart then asked her the most crucial question, “Is there any reason why you would not ask Jesus into your heart and life right now?” Realizing, though she believed in Jesus already, she had not actually confessed with her mouth, he asked her to do that right there with him. In her own words, Lynette prayed to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. As she wrote her name in the back of the Testament, the team was reminded another person became a citizen of eternity that day.

Who is Jesus to You?


Stuart and a group of Gideons also placed Bibles in the Nadzab Motel. They proceeded back to the reception area, where they met the manager. She expressed how pleased she was for them bringing the Bibles. Stuart gave a Testament to both her and Jase, the man who had opened the door for the team.      

The hotel manager was thrilled to receive her Testament. Stuart asked her, “Who is Jesus to you? Is He simply a historical figure or someone you can know personally?” He then briefly explained the plan of salvation in the back of the Testament. “Is there any reason not to ask Jesus into your heart today?” he asked. She paused, looked at him, and firmly replied, “No.” The Spirit prompted Stuart to go further. He asked, “Then would you like to do it now?”    

She turned to Jase and said, “What about you, Jase?” He wasn’t sure, but she knew what she wanted to do. She closed her eyes, thanked God for His goodness to her, asked for forgiveness, and said, “Please come and live in my heart and make me a better person.” Stuart told her she had been born again, and she smiled.  

What is This?


Lynette and the hotel manager’s story are reminders of how God’s Word changes lives. Years ago, a young man named Daniel experienced this same conviction. He walked across the cricket field near his home in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. He picked up a Testament from the ground and thought, “What is this?” 

Daniel read the Testament almost daily. About four years later, the words of Matthew 3:10 convicted him. He surrendered his life to Christ and noticed a change. Later, he was appointed leader of the school Scripture Union Group.  

“Is there any reason not to ask Jesus into your heart today?” 

After completing his accounting degree in 2014, he began working for a firm. Unbeknown to Daniel, a Gideon asked the pastor of his church for names of men who might make good Gideons. The pastor called three men from his church, including Daniel, to a meeting; and soon they all felt led to become Gideons. Daniel was a vital part of the 2022 Scripture Blitz in Lae, giving out hundreds of Scriptures like the one he found 20 years ago. 

Who Do You Say I Am?


Mark 8:27-30 tells us about a time when Jesus went with His disciples to the villages of Caesarea Philippi. On the way, He asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” After giving answers like John the Baptist and Elijah, Jesus turned the question and made it more personal: “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered him, “You are the Christ.” That question led to a profound and life-altering response.

Are you sure? Who is Jesus to you? What is this? All these questions did the same for people in Papua New Guinea. They were either searching or curious. No matter what, Gideons and Auxiliary saw these conversations lead to God-ordained moments. They also shared God’s Word in over 70 schools, seven universities, 34 hotels, and 18 hospitals throughout the blitz. One local Gideon said, “We praise God for the successful blitz in Lae. We thank everyone who prayed, gave, and participated, including five new Gideons and four new Auxiliary. With God’s help, 40,407 Scriptures were distributed, and more than 50 attended the pastors event.”

May we stay faithful and obedient in helping answer these spiritual questions that can change one’s eternal destiny.

A Gideon from Japan had the opportunity to give a church presentation on the day before the blitz. The pastor (far right) thanked the Gideons for coming from around the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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