Record-Setting Year Moves The Gideons International Closer To Two Billion Scriptures

We rejoice to report that a record 84,632,342 Scriptures were placed and distributed over the past year through The Gideons International.

We give God the praise and glory for all that He chooses to do through this ministry, and for every person witnessed to and every life touched. And to the pastors, churches, donors and our 300,000+ members in the 196 countries where The Gideons International is organized, thank you all for your prayers.

It is important to note that we are on our way to reaching our two billionth Scripture placed. We anticipate that moment will occur in 2015.

It took nearly 100 years to place the first billion Scriptures. If we reach two billion Scriptures by the end of 2015, those second billion Scriptures will have been placed in less than 15 years. That is what God is doing right now through this Association.

“I’m convinced that we live and serve in some of the most exciting times in Christian history,” says Craig Warner, Executive Director of The Gideons International. “In spite of all the conflicts in today’s world, God is moving and opening doors that we never imagined or thought possible.”

As you have seen on our blog, there are many testimonies of people being led to a saving faith in Christ through the personal witness of Gideons and Auxiliary as they share Scriptures. Of our 84.6 million Scriptures distributed throughout the world last year, over four million were distributed during 15 International Scripture Blitz events in countries like Argentina, Indonesia, and Mozambique. And more than 572,000 Scriptures were distributed in U.S.A. Metro Blitz events in cities like San Diego, El Paso, and Oklahoma City.

The Gideons International is unique in that the members live in the countries where they serve. We aren’t just visitors in countries like Sudan, Nepal, Haiti, or Ukraine. Gideons live and work there . . . sharing the Gospel and copies of God’s Word with their fellow citizens, families, and friends.

Please continue to support the distribution of God’s Word in over 190 countries to win souls for Christ.

Thank you and God bless.

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