Servants of the Lord

The Gospel of Matthew captures an incredible moment between Jesus and men who would later become His disciples. Jesus saw two brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew, doing what they knew well as fishermen—casting a net into the sea. Jesus then said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) The Savior took what was familiar and translated it into Kingdom influence. For Todd Lowe, he would have his own “fishing for men” moment, bringing about experiences he never saw coming.

Early Years at Home and Church


Todd grew up on a farm in Anderson County, South Carolina, filled with greenhouses and apple orchards. He says, “It was a busy life, but a good life—everyone knew their neighbors, and you were busy with your neighbors.” He was blessed to be raised in a home with parents who loved the Lord and ensured the family was active in the local church. When the doors of Shady Grove Baptist Church were open, you would find the Lowe family present. Todd recalls, “It was the only church I remember growing up, and many Gideons were a part of it. I was always impressed with the Gideons who were passionate about going out sharing God’s Word, no matter the circumstances.”

After several years of church services, Bible studies, vacation Bible schools, and many other church-related activities, Todd realized he needed Jesus to be his personal Lord and Savior. At 12 years old, the Lord continued stirring his heart at a youth retreat. The Lowe’s pastor came to their house to visit and talk with Todd, and he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.”

“God doesn’t waste anything in your life.”

Gifts He Couldn’t See


As Todd continued to grow, he developed a love for farm life and agriculture. In 1991, he graduated from college with a degree in Agronomy, later followed by a master’s degree in Agricultural Education. These years would be formative for Todd’s spiritual development and calling.

God gave Todd the opportunity to serve as an agricultural evangelist in Haiti for two years. As a technical advisor, instructor, and resource manager, he helped over 500 farmers maximize their natural resources to improve their farms, homes, and communities. Most importantly, he shared the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ with those farmers and their families. ”

Todd returned to the United States and worked as a temporary college instructor for an Agricultural Education Department. Afterward, he moved to North Carolina to accept a position as an extension agent. He assisted county farmers and homeowners with horticultural/agricultural issues, coordinated volunteer projects, conducted weekly radio spots, and produced weekly newspaper articles.

Towards what would be the end of his tenure in this position, Todd began to really wrestle with a call to full-time ministry. He was attending a Bible study at the time, led by a pastor who made a life-changing statement to him, “Todd, everyone can see these gifts in you…why can’t you see them?” Todd struggled to see how all his agricultural experiences had led him to this pivotal moment. The pastor encouraged him with, “God doesn’t waste anything in your life.”

Todd met and married his wife, Donna, in North Carolina in May 1997. He committed to full-time ministry and began seminary in August 1998. Soon after, God opened doors for Todd to serve first as an interim pastor in North Carolina, then as an associate pastor in South Carolina. The Lord then moved the Lowe’s to Georgia for his first full-time senior pastorate. In September 2008, God called Todd to serve as the senior pastor of Cedar Springs Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where he currently serves.”

Servants Together


 Cedar Spring Baptist

Pastor Todd was never far removed from the influence of The Gideons International. His college roommate’s dad was a Gideon, and his congregations have had several active Gideons. At Cedar Springs Baptist, they welcome Gideons to share about how God is using the Association. Each Christmas, the congregation takes an active role in Birthday for Jesus, and Pastor Todd encourages his congregants to send GideonCards when loved ones pass away because it is “a gift that always gives.


One of God’s greatest gifts is His Word—and it shows the ultimate gift—salvation and redemption through Jesus Christ. Pastor Todd cheers on members and their influence when he says, “Be encouraged, Gideons and Auxiliary, you are presenting the Word of the Lord. There will be people in Heaven because of you. You may never see your efforts on this side of things, but we know people are spending eternity with their Heavenly Father because of you and your faithfulness. 


The idea of agriculture is growing crops to provide needed substance such as food to survive. God never wastes our experiences and the things we learn in different seasons of life. From developing crops to developing people, Pastor Todd’s calling from what he knew in the agricultural sciences taught him the necessary lessons he still uses in ministry today. Alongside his wife of 25 years and their two children, Chapman and Isabella, they are excited to continue in this calling in the days ahead.


“When I see the Gideon emblem, I think of servants of the Lord. I know they are men with a calling from God to share His Word across the globe and will be an incredible asset to me as a pastor.“ - Todd Lowe

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