Straight into the Word of God

The Gideons visited my classroom for their annual New Testament distribution to fifth graders. The students were excited to show off their new gifts. Later the same day, I had to share the devastating news with the class that the father of one of their classmates had passed away earlier that morning.


I broke the news to them as gently as possible and suggested a moment of silence on the family’s behalf. I watched many of them bow their heads in prayer. Next, I provided my students an opportunity to create cards and write letters to their classmate. The children not only grabbed their pencils, crayons, and paper - they also reached for their New Testaments.


The students went straight into the Word of God, and they quoted verses in their cards and letters. I was in awe of how much they knew about the Bible and how they were discussing various verses as they created special messages for their classmate.


I am grateful God’s plan worked out perfectly for His Word to be shared among my students in a public school classroom in the South Carolina.

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