The Atlanta Scripture Blitz: Getting Scriptures Into People’s Hands And Smartphones

This week, Gideons and Auxiliary were sharing God’s Word in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Scriptures were shared in a number of locations including hotels, motels, medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and police precincts.

In addition to sharing printed New Testaments and Bibles, Gideons were also sharing the Gideon Bible App.

Fredricka was the attendant at the front desk of one hotel in Atlanta. As Gideons arrived there to replace worn and missing Scriptures in the rooms, they offered her a New Testament. Then they showed her the Gideon Bible App. Her face lit up with a smile as the app began to stream the audio narration. “I’ve been looking for a Bible app,” she told them as she downloaded the app to her own phone. “This is awesome.”

At one hotel where Gideons stopped to inspect the rooms for worn or missing hotel Bibles that needed replacing, they were warmly received by a hotel employee named Sam. They thanked him for his assistance and offered him a New Testament. Then they shared the Gideon Bible app with him, explaining that it features the New Testament in over 1,000 languages. Sam, who grew up in East Africa, told the Gideons he spoke Hindi, Gujarat, and Swahili. Moments later, they were all listening to the Gideon Bible App as it streamed a Swahili language audio narration of the Bible. “I’ve not heard that language in years,” said Sam as a big smile came across his face.

At another inn, as Gideons concluded distributions they discovered that the hotel’s manager, Jay, was from India. In just a few clicks of the Gideon Bible App, they were able to retrieve audio of Scripture being read in Jay’s native language of Malayalam. Hearing Scripture streaming in his own language left Jay smiling ear to ear.

“The Gideon Bible App was an invaluable tool during our stops at hotels today,” said Ken Edwards, a Gideon who served in the Scripture distributions.

Since its launch in late 2015, the free Gideon Bible app has been downloaded by over 35,000 people throughout the world.

By the end of the blitz, Gideons and Auxiliary distributed over 21,000 copies of God’s Word to the people of Atlanta. We praise God for each and every one of these Scriptures, and we pray that the Lord will continue to use each of these copies of His Word to touch the hearts and souls of the people in Atlanta.

You can download the Gideon Bible App now to your mobile device for free by clicking the appropriate app download link below.

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