Gideons Share God’s Word In Indianapolis

A Gideon shares a Scripture with a young lady during a distribution at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. © 2014 The Gideons International.

In late April, 180 Gideons and Auxiliary helped spread the message of Jesus Christ as they shared copies of God’s Word at the 2014 Indianapolis Metro Scripture Blitz. The blitz was the culmination of a year of prayer and planning.

Dennis Lohr, who helped lead the event, was especially encouraged by the blitz kickoff meeting held on Sunday evening. “The room was overflowing with members who would be participating. We knew then we had enough people to carry out the blitz,” says Lohr.

More than 50 camps participated in the blitz, including three camps from outside of Indiana. In addition to distributing God’s Word at hotels, high school sidewalks and universities, members placed Scriptures in other locations including hospitals and attorney’s offices.

Auxiliary Makes Great Inroads

The Auxiliary stayed very active, with more than a hundred Scripture-placement locations. “The Auxiliary made tremendous inroads into placing God’s Word in medical facilities across Indianapolis,” says Lohr.

At one nursing home, a staff administrator said, “This will be a great comfort,” after an Auxiliary member gave her a copy of God’s Word. The administrator revealed that both her brother and sister had died the previous week.

One nursing home resident said she had been waiting on her daughter to bring her Bible to the home. So when an Auxiliary member gave her a Scripture, she said, “God bless you. This is just what I needed.”

People Gladly Receive Scriptures

At one hotel, a friendly front desk clerk began to cry when one of the Gideons offered her a New Testament. She listened with great interest as the Gideon pointed out the “Helps” section and the “Plan of Salvation” pages to her. He explained to her that God has given us the answers to life in His Word.

At Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, students were very appreciative of the Gideons. Some students even committed to pray for the Gideons and the blitz.

At another location on Wednesday, Gideons met a man who said he had been shot and stabbed earlier in his life. He had come to faith in Christ while reading a Gideon-placed Scripture in his jail cell. Today he is a successful business owner.

Blitz Results

More than 60,000 copies of God’s Word were distributed throughout Indianapolis during the blitz. Additionally, over 1,500 worn Scriptures from hotels were replaced with new ones, and the old ones will be reconditioned for placement into jails.

Lohr encourages all members of The Gideons International to participate in a blitz. “It is an experience you will cherish. You will see what this ministry can do in terms of a concentrated effort to get God’s Word into the hands and hearts of people needing the Savior.”

We thank the members who participated in this blitz. We also thank the many pastors, donors and others who support us through their prayers and financial gifts. Most of all, we praise God for the lives that will be changed as people read these Scriptures and discover the everlasting hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

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