Students Are Coming To Christ Through The Life Book

More than one million teenagers have been involved in giving the gift of the Gospel through sharing The Life Book. What is The Life Book? We’re glad you asked.

The idea behind The Life Book is an initiative to more efficiently reach today’s youth with the Gospel. The unique design of the book itself engages high school students with the truth of Gods Word as they are introduced to Jesus Christ through the book of John. Using an interactive format with real-life questions in the margins, readers are drawn into the life of Christ in a relatable way that encourages them to ask questions and seek out answers.

Since the start of The Life Book in 2010, over 17 million copies have been shared among students. By simply going to interested church pastors and youth leaders are able to request free copies of The Life Book for distribution by their church’s youth to their classmates and peers.

God is using The Life Book to change the lives of millions students across the United States. A student from an Oklahoma high school says, “The thought behind The Life Book recognized the power of peer persuasion. Not only have I learned to share my faith more freely, but the same is also true with most of my classmates. As a word of thanks, let me say, ‘Keep them coming.’”

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