A Gideon from Ukraine Dies Taking God’s Word to the Battlefront

Victor and his mother

Amid unthinkable situations since the rise of conflict in Ukraine, God continues using faithful Gideons and Auxiliary to bring the hope of His Word to others. For one Gideon, God’s call led him to the ultimate sacrifice on the front line. 

Victor served in a Gideon camp near Kiev in Ukraine. As a Gideon, he was a man of prayer and a man with a heart to witness to those God placed in his sphere of influence. Even with the country under wartime attack, Victor did not allow the dreadful noises of explosions and crumbling buildings to drown out the voice of the Lord. He told his family and friends, “The Lord has called me to go to the war zone and share His Word with the soldiers.”

Additionally, he believed there was a specific soldier with whom the Lord wanted him to share the Gospel. As a Gideon who was fully committed to carry out God’s call on his life to win the lost for Christ, Victor volunteered for Ukraine’s army as the war intensified. He was taking God’s Word to the battlefront. 

Victor’s unit granted him a few days of military leave in early December 2022 to spend time with his family. During this break, he accepted an invitation from his pastor to share with his church how he was seeing the Lord at work. Speaking to the congregation, Victor revealed how the Lord was granting him opportunities to reach others in the war zone as he shared God’s Word. He told them about one specific soldier who “gladly took the Word of God into his heart and repented.” It was a message of hope for his Ukraine Christian brothers and sisters during a Christmas season filled with uncertainty regarding any sign of peace to come.

Victor then returned to his military unit in Bahmut to continue his assignment to win the lost for Christ. Days later, his mission on this side of Heaven ended. Victor, age 51, was killed.

At his funeral on December 22, hundreds of people came to pay their last respects. Testimony after testimony from those attending his service pointed to Victor’s devotion to winning the lost to Jesus as he served in The Gideons. His pastor received messages from several members of his military unit who testified that Victor was a “ray of light,” and that he had led many in prayers of repentance. As he poured out the love of Christ on his fellow soldiers, Victor earned a reputation among them as the kindest man in their unit.     

Victor leaves behind his widow, Aida, and four children, including his 14-year-old daughter who still lives at home. He also leaves behind a legacy of selfless courage. We thank Victor’s family for allowing us to share his story with our readers. 

Since Victor’s death, over US$4,100 has been given in his memory through the GideonCard Bible Program. These funds will provide for more Scriptures to be shared around the world.

Here are just a few of the many prayers and other personalized messages included with GideonCards that have been received for Victor’s family: 

“Victor’s dedication to sharing God’s Word with the lost under dangerous and difficult circumstances is inspiring. He was a great man. May God give you peace and comfort in this difficult time of loss.”

“I am so very sorry for you in the loss of Victor. Reading about him and his devotion to God brought tears to my eyes. It’s my heart’s desire to serve our Lord as Victor did—unselfishly and compassionately. You will be in my prayers: Father, I bring Victor’s family to You and ask for Your perfect peace for them. I praise You for the life of Victor and his example for us to follow.”

“Victor’s desire to share God’s Word with his fellow soldiers amid dangerous combat is a challenge to each to be faithful to God’s commission. We pray for your peace, comfort, and strength through this time of loss.”

If you wish to honor Victor’s memory, we invite you to send an In Memory GideonCard E-card, which will provide for Scriptures somewhere in the world while offering a touching reminder to his friends and family that even in his passing, Victor’s life continues to make a difference for Jesus Christ. Here’s how to send an E-card: 

  1. Visit SendTheWord.org.

  2. Click “Choose a Card,” then click on the “E-Cards” link which appears toward the right end of the row of card options just beneath the page banner. Choose an In-Memory card from the E-card collection. Click on your preferred card image, then select “Personalize.”

  3. As you fill out the form to personalize your E-Card, please indicate the card recipient’s name is “Victor from Ukraine.”

  4. Designate InMemory@gideons.org as the recipient’s email address.

International Headquarters will notify Victor’s fellow Gideons and family of messages and Scriptures given in memory of our fallen brother.

Please pray for Victor’s widow, children, other family members, and friends as they mourn their loved one’s passing.

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