Unprecedented times: christians and covid-19

We are living in unprecedented times in light of the coronavirus. Yet nothing surprises our Heavenly Father. How Christians engage others now may result in someone responding to Jesus in faith. Here is a word of encouragement from our Executive Director, Dan Heighway.

There are ways the body of Christ can serve and engage during this crisis.


A resource you can share is The Gideon Bible App. The Helps section it includes is similar to the often-appreciated list printed in the front of Scriptures from The Gideons. It can help aid in Gospel conversations, online and offline, with people who are seeking answers for the chaos in the world.


Another resource for you to share would be a GideonCard, to send a word of encouragement and let someone know you are praying for them. Families are being stretched in ways they have never been before. As the body of Christ, find practical needs and seek to meet those needs. Be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Fear is a natural response in uncertain times. Maybe you feel afraid or unsettled right now. As Christians, we can take refuge in the fact that God is still at work and in control. We can find strength and encouragement from Romans 15:13 and “abound in hope” in the coming days.

Share in the effort