A Waitress Who Couldn’t Wait To Share God’s Word

As I shared the gospel with a young waitress named Debbie, she confessed neither she nor any of her family ever went to church or prayed to God about anything. When I explained to her what she needed to do in order to go to heaven, Debbie sat down beside me in the booth, and we prayed. She thanked Jesus for saving her soul.

I then gave her a Personal Workers Testament and showed her the “Helps” section in the front and told her to read the Scripture references concerning any problem she might have. Then she got up and went back to her work.

About five minutes later, another waitress came to me and asked if I was the man who had given Debbie the New Testament. When I told her I was, she said, “Please, sir, would you give me a New Testament, too? Debbie showed me the helps in the front of the book. I have tried to read the Bible and it never made sense to me. So please, sir, will you give me one?” I went out to my car and got another Personal Workers Testament, and when I stepped back into the restaurant, she came running to me and said, “Thank you so much!”

Wow! One girl saved on the spot, and in a few minutes she is out being a missionary. Praise the Lord!

John Lindvall

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