Bank Robber Encounters God’s Word

Abdul was born in Ghana. His father was a spiritualist and Abdul was initiated into his father’s religion. The boy dropped out of school at a young age, began running with a gang of criminals, and became an armed robber.

Abdul’s life of crime caught up with him when he robbed a bank in Kumasi, Ghana. The authorities apprehended him and sentenced him to life in prison. He was routinely transferred from one prison to another because he was considered extremely dangerous.

One day, a group of men visited Abdul’s prison and distributed Scriptures. Abdul took one and tore out the pages to wrap up the marijuana he was selling. One of his cellmates, who was a Christian, warned him what he was doing was wicked. Abdul ignored him. However, a few days later Abdul had a dream in which an angel warned him to turn from his wicked ways. One of his Christian inmates compelled him to repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

The fellow inmate used a Gideon-placed Scripture to present the Gospel, and Abdul surrendered his life to Christ. Months later, he was released from prison for good behavior. Today Abdul serves in security for that same bank he robbed and shares the Gospel with unbelievers.

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