God’s Word Shared in Dallas, Texas

More than 300 Gideons and Auxiliary distributed over 256,000 copies of God’s Word during April in Dallas, Texas. More than 20 salvation testimonies were recorded during the week’s events.

The team distributed Scriptures throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas, including Irving, Lewisville, Plano, Garland and Denton. Copies of God’s Word were distributed in English and in Spanish at a number of approved locations, including hospitals, hotels, medical facilities, schools and college campuses.

Lives Touched

A truck carrying thousands of Scriptures arrived at the warehouse in Dallas where they were being stored. To the truck driver, it may have just seemed like another delivery. However, when he got out of his truck, one of the Gideons at the warehouse began talking with him. As they talked, the Gideon used one of the Scriptures to witness about the Lord. The truck driver listened intently, and in that warehouse, surrounded by thousands of copies of God’s Word, he invited Jesus into his heart.

“The Lord used the Scriptures this man was delivering to deliver him from his sins,” said one of the Gideons.

At one Dallas-area middle school, a mom arrived to pick up her daughter. She saw one of the Gideons distributing New Testaments to students. As a gesture of her gratitude, the mother got out of her car, approached a Gideon and wrote a check for $125 to provide for more Scriptures like those he had given her daughter and her classmates.

The testimonies from this blitz remind us of the power of God’s Word and inspire us to keep sharing Scriptures to reach the lost. Please pray that these copies of God’s Word will be read and more souls will be saved.

We thank all of our members, pastors, donors and other supporters who help make blitzes like this a success. And of course, we praise God for each and every one of these Scriptures that will now reach lives in the Dallas area.

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