The Gideons International Organizes In Country 196: Greenland

We are pleased to announce that The Gideons International has organized our first camp in the country of Greenland with 11 new Gideons. This is an answer to years of prayers for opportunities for our members to share God’s Word there. Greenland has a population of 57,000 people, 65% of whom are Protestant. The country also has the distinction of being the world’s largest island, and about 80% of the country is glacial ice cap. Aerial photo of Greenland. About 80% of Greenland is glacial ice cap. Photo: © 2013 The Gideons International.

Walter Isenring, Regional Director of Europe West and the Middle East for The Gideons International, says that doors have opened and key contacts have been made with churches in Greenland, including a meeting that took place with the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Greenland at the bishop’s invitation. “We see God’s hand in this, and we believe the Lord is desiring that this nation will receive many copies of His Holy Word,” says Isenring. He says that the opening of Greenland to Gideons is the answer to years and years of prayers by members.

“Certainly there is a need for the Word of God in Greenland,” says Don Gleaves, Director, International Outreach Division of The Gideons International. Gleaves says while the majority of people in Greenland are affiliated with a church, there is still a prevailing secular attitude in the country. He says there is great need for spreading the Gospel throughout their nation. “We are excited about the opportunities for our members in Greenland to personally witness as they distribute God’s Word in the traffic lanes and streams of national life.”

John Aqqalu, the president of Greenland’s first Gideon camp says, \“We are excited that The Gideons International has come here to Greenland. This will make it possible for us to hand copies of God’s Word to the younger generation, and help them understand that God cares for them.”

The Gideons International is grateful for God’s faithfulness in blessing our ministry as we continue praying for open doors. We also thank our pastors, members, donors, and other supporters who faithfully pray for countries where The Gideons International is not yet organized.

Please pray for Greenland as our new Gideons begin to distribute Scriptures. Pray also for open hearts as God’s Word is distributed there and the news of Jesus Christ is shared.

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