God Opens Doors In Columbus, Ohio Scripture Blitz

In early April, 184 Gideons and Auxiliary participated in the 2014 Scripture Blitz in Columbus, Ohio. By the end of the week-long event, more than 46,000 copies of God’s Word had been placed and distributed in the Columbus area.

“I was very encouraged by those who came to serve, the manner in which they served and the work that was accomplished,” said Mark McNett, blitz leader.

God opened doors during this event that allowed Gideons into venues where they had never been before. Several schools allowed Gideons to distribute Scriptures for the first time. Gideons reported people thanking them for being there.

Members also placed Scriptures in attorney’s offices in Columbus – 45 different attorney’s offices in all, for a total of 259 Scriptures. There were also hospitals in the area that permitted Scripture placements for the first time in years. Also, a university allowed Gideons to conduct the first Scripture distribution on their campus.

Gideons further established a relationship with the Fellowship of Christian Fire Fighters. This opened the door for Gideons to distribute another 3,000 copies of God’s Word.

Auxiliary were very active in this blitz, and in addition to their Scripture placements, they shared 900 Personal Workers Testaments. Over 15,800 Scriptures were placed in hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes.

Art Crooks, the local blitz chairman, was very inspired by the dedication of Gideons and Auxiliary who served. “The blitz was a blessed event. There were members I didn’t know before who stepped up and gave it everything they had. I am honored to now know them.”

We would like to thank our members, donors, pastors, and others whose prayers and financial support helped make this blitz possible. And of course, we give all praise and glory to God for the testimonies to come as a result of the Scriptures which will end up with countless souls who need to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

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