A Christmas Gift to Outlive an Evergreen

This time of the year, we start looking over Christmas lists and making plans to buy the best for those we love. So, we get up early, cut coupons, and stand in long lines to get the best deals. Just a few weeks later, we stand in those same lines holding our reject gifts—wrong sizes, already outdated software, duplicate items—and we decide to do it all differently next year.

Well, there’s good news. No one has to wait until next year to rethink giving practices. We’re not suggesting a complete overthrow of the gift-giving tradition. However, as Christians, we are called to be good stewards of the good gifts God brings to our lives. What better time to enhance the quality of our giving than during Christmas? Even more good news—The Gideons International makes gift-giving simple. In fact, you’re probably doing it already.

How many Christmas cards do you send out each year? Research by the Greeting Card Association of America says Americans alone send out 1.6 billion greeting cards every Christmas season, at an average of $3 per card. We are sentimental people. But what if you could turn sentiment into something more?

This year, consider stuffing those envelopes with Christmas GideonCards. Choose from three different cards, all themed with a special verse of Scripture and designed with the true meaning of Christmas in mind.

Maybe God is calling your family to start a new Christmas tradition this year. Consider sending a GideonCard to someone special to your family—a pastor, a teacher, or a neighbor. With every card you send, Bibles are distributed around the world. It’s that easy.

We all want the gifts we give to outlast the freshly cut evergreen tree in our living rooms. So, don’t just send any card this year. Choose a Christmas GideonCard and send the Christmas story out across the world. Visit gideons.org/christmas to order your cards while supplies last.

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