Testimony: Reverend Masashi Sugita

In 1977, a young college student named Masashi left his home and family in Japan to study oceanography in California. “I did everything to be accepted by the American students,” says Masashi. He found a small Japanese church that he attended weekly, mainly for the free meals. However his desire for God was not as strong as his desire to be accepted by college students, and he eventually found himself caught up in a world of drugs. One night, with his heart racing out of control, Masashi realized he had nowhere to turn for help. For the first time in his life, he prayed. “If there’s a God, please help me. I’m dying! I’m at the end of my rope.”

Then he heard a small, still voice say, “You have the Bible... open it up and read.” He returned to his room and opened up the small New Testament someone had given him. It had a Gideon logo on the cover.

To see what happened next, watch this inspiring video testimony of Masashi Sugita recorded live at the 2013 International Convention of The Gideons International.

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