The 2014 Salt Lake City Blitz

“The Lord really blessed the Salt Lake City Blitz,” says Ken Anderson, who served in the blitz. The event took place in early April. Three times as many Gideons showed up this year compared to the last blitz held there five years ago.

Gideons placed copies of God’s Word into the hands of thousands of people – people who need to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. “For every one of those copies, we lean on the promise of Isaiah 55:11 – that God’s Word will not return void,” says Anderson.

Scriptures were distributed and placed at college campuses, jails, motels and medical facilities. By the end of the event, more than 50,000 Scriptures had been distributed.

One of the people who needed a copy of God’s Word was Kim, a motel desk clerk in Ogden, Utah. She told them she had been wanting to know more about Jesus. Her grandfather told her about Him years ago, but she never chose to make Jesus her own personal Savior.

The Gideons gave her a New Testament. “This contains the greatest love story ever told,” they said. Kim’s eyes brightened when the Gideons then told her that she could be with her grandfather someday in heaven.

Kim received Jesus Christ that day and signed the decision page in her New Testament. We rejoice for what God did through His Word that day.

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