Testimony: God’s Word Brings Healing To Weary Souls

Gupta was born in India and was from a social class of holy men in a very high-ranking caste. He eventually moved to the U.S. and served as a college professor at the University of Georgia.

His wife was suffering from a condition that prevented her from getting any sleep. Night after night, she would lie awake. Prescription medications for insomnia were not improving her condition. The situation was even causing Gupta to lose sleep.

One evening, he went to a shopping mall. As he stood outside, worrying about his wife, another man saw him and could tell he was upset. “Sir are you okay?” the man asked. Gupta told the man he was fine. The man walked away, yet Gupta remained standing there. More time passed and the man walked by again and asked, “Sir, are you sure you are okay? Is there anything I can do for you?”

Overburdened by the stress of his wife’s condition, Gupta responded by pouring out his heart to this kind stranger. He shared how he was concerned about his wife’s chronic sleeplessness. After listening to Gupta, the man replied, “Wait right here. I have just what you need.” The man hurried out to his car and then quickly returned with a New Testament.

The man, who was a member of The Gideons International in Athens, GA, pointed out a specific Scripture verse to Gupta. The verse described how Christ could bring peace.

Gupta hurried home and read the passage to his exhausted wife. To his astonishment, his wife slept soundly all night long. They continued this routine each night, as it resulted in them both enjoying a night of sound rest.

They began to realize that the God of this book was real and He had power to heal. After reading the information in the back of a Gideon Scripture about “Seeking a church,” they sought out a local church, and there they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Their testimony was relayed to Gideons during a Scripture distribution this September by one of Gupta’s former students.

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