Provide Scriptures for Gideons to Reach the Lost at International Scripture Blitzes

“And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.”
—Mark 13:10 ESV

“I was truly blessed by the staggering number of New Testaments we all had a hand in distributing throughout the week, but especially at the University in Santo Domingo. I thought about the untold number of lives that will be eternally impacted by those thousands and thousands of Scriptures going home to friends and families.”

–ISB Team Member, 2018 Dominican Republic ISB


During an International Scripture Blitz (ISB), members of The Gideons International place and distribute Scriptures to thousands of people in various regions of the world.     

Please pray for many people in these countries to believe and turn to the Lord

Your support enables Gideons to share the Gospel of Christ in these countries for a global average cost of $1.20 per Scripture.

Should gifts exceed a country’s need for Scriptures, The Gideons International will apply excess funds to the Faith Fund for Scriptures needed in other countries.

Download the 2021 International Scripture Blitzes Brochure