A Life Changed in India

A radical Hindu, Ravi destroyed New Testaments distributed by Gideons on his college campus in India. In time, he grew depressed and boarded a train with a plan to journey cross-country and take his life. On the train, a stranger shared the Gospel with Ravi, and gave him a Bible from The Gideons. He told Ravi the Lord would soon put others in his life to disciple him. Sure enough, when Ravi left the train, he met a group of Christ followers. Ravi placed his faith in Jesus and today actively serves with other Gideons sharing the Gospel in India.

“…Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”
– Matthew 28:19 ESV
Facts About India

Population: 1.35 billion (2018)
Religions: Hindu 80%, Islam 14 %, Christian 2.3 %, Sikh 1.9%
Economy: GDP per capita (PPP): $7,200
Gideons in India: Over 36,000 members
Scriptures Placed & Distributed: 229.7 million since 1961

Please pray the Word of God will reach millions of youth in India.