A Bible Instead of a Bribe

On our roads in Kenya, it’s very common to be flagged down by traffic police, many of whom ask for a bribe.

One evening, one such policeman stopped me. After I presented my driver’s license, he requested that I “buy him some tea.” In Kenya, this is slang for “offer a bribe.” I pulled a pocket New Testament from my glove box and handed it to him. I proceeded to point him to the Helps and the plan of salvation. Knowing this wasn’t the type of bribe he was expecting, I was surprised at the officer’s grateful response as he exclaimed, “God bless you,” over and over. He then requested copies for his colleagues, and I joyfully provided my two remaining Testaments.

God opened a new door that evening. Since then, I make it a habit of stopping at every roadblock to offer Scriptures to the policemen, even if I’m not flagged down. I pray they will receive Christ and abandon their corrupt ways.

— Dr. B. Kanake, Gideon, Kenya

“and you will be my witnesses…” – Acts 1:8 ESV
Facts About Kenya

Population: 48 million (2018)
Religions: Christians 83%, Islam 11%
Economy: GDP per capita (PPP) $3,500
Gideons in Kenya: Over 1,400 members
Scriptures Placed & Distributed: 38.7 million since 1967

Facts About KenyaA Gideon shares the Gospel and prays for youth in Kenya.