An Answer to Prayer in the Philippines

During a Scripture outreach event in the Philippines, the Gideons arrived at a high school toward the end of the day. This village high school was not on their list of schools. Since they had a few extra New Testaments, they felt led by the Spirit to visit this school and asked for the principal’s permission to distribute New Testaments to the students and teachers.

“You are the answer to our prayers!” exclaimed the principal. “We’ve been praying for so long for someone to bring us Bibles.”

As Gideons went room by room to distribute the New Testaments, the principal joyfully asked the students, “What is it that we have been praying for so long?” The students shouted, “Bibles!” The Gideons distributed all the remaining Scriptures to the grateful students. The team of Gideons was amazed at how the Lord worked in answering the students' prayers.

“…Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” – John 4:35 ESV
Facts About the Philippines

Population: 106 million (2018)
Religions: Christians 92%, Islam 6%
Economy: GDP per capita (PPP) $8,300
Gideons in the Philippines: Over 4,000 members
Scriptures Placed & Distributed: 78.8 million since 1953

Facts About IndiaGod is answering prayers in the Philippines for youth to receive the Word of God.