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Striving Side by Side for the faith of the Gospel


Men of God

We pursue Christ-centered integrity as we anchor ourselves in God's Word daily.


Men of Faith

We step into our calling by leveraging our unique influence in our everyday lives.


Men of Action

We put our faith and God-given gifts into action as we seek Kingdom impact.

Men Of God

The day-to-day journey of a Christian businessman in today's world is increasingly challenging. But that also means the need for strong men of God to rise up and lead with integrity is greater than ever. 

What does being a man of God look like in daily life? Meet some real Gideons who will share their own experiences.


Do others see Christ in you?

As Gideons, we seek a deeper relationship with Christ by practicing the spiritual disciplines of:

  • Daily Bible reading
  • Scripture memorization
  • Prayer and encouragement

We know the Christian journey can feel lonely at times. We come together as brothers in Christ to support one another and experience growth through:

  • Fellowship and discipleship
  • Mentorship and accountability
  • Prayer and encouragement

Your TESTIMONY matters.

Men Of Faith

Gideon men influence our homes, workplaces, churches and communities as we step into our callings and use our unique gifts to fulfill the Great Commission; leveraging our unique influence every day.

What is your spiritual legacy?

Your professional skills and influence can advance Kingdom work. Together, we sharpen our God-given talents through:

  • Studying
  • Training
  • Application

Leveraging the unique influence we have in our daily lives, we boldly share Christ with people in our:

  • Workplaces
  • Churches
  • Communities
  • Homes

Your Witness Matters.

Men Of Action

The Gideons International mobilizes Christian business and professional men who are seeking Kingdom impact; empowering them to put their faith and God-given talents into action to share the Gospel with the world, impacting lives every day.

How are you making an impact for the Kingdom?

God has called us to share His Word with the world. Together, we accomplish this by:

  • Placing Bibles in strategic places
  • Distributing Testaments for personal use

We partner with local churches to experience a greater impact on local communities and the world by:

  • Encouraging and praying with pastors
  • Inspiring congregations with testimonies of God's work
  • Providing believers opportunities to support the ministry

Your IMPACT matters.

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